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F.N.S.X. @ History of the Future

26 June to 24 Sep 2023

Cloud Art Museum



History of the Future

Perspectives of Spaces, Materialities and Visualizations.

This was an art exhibition related to artistic practices with digital tools and technology. What is at stake in this exhibition is creatively mapping the future coexistence of human beings and technology to address paths of social change.


Dissolves the Boundaries between Virtual and Physical Spaces

he rapid development of technology gradually dissolves the boundaries between virtual worlds and the physical spaces This exhibition attempts to bring more possibilities to mankind in terms of connecting virtual spaces and reality by probing into the conceptual space-explorations and into different forms and tenses. It asks, how can artists, the core of creative noumenon, examine more and new experiments by deploying forms of new technologies and creative materials, so that their creations will shine a light on the present, look into the future It opened a window for virtual space , but it is only open and how would we expand after opening is to be tested in concrete practices . For example, physical space natural has “object”.  Interestingly, virtual space also has the existences of “object”.  If we materialize the shape made by artificial intelligence (AI), what will happen between it and our original understanding of physical matter? How can we explain installations and sculptures in an exhibition space where virtual reality is juxtaposed?


3 Perspectives

This exhibition, interpenetrated with three perspectives

— Space-correlation Hypermaterialities Visualizations and Narrative

—depicts the influence that the four artists’ works may exert on the future of artistic exploration, and reflects the possibilities and opportunities for the future brought by digital technology and virtual space

The exhibition highlights the works of four artists to explore the correlation between physical spaces and virtual spaces, it was taking as its starting angles on space correlation, hypermaterialities, visualizations, and narrative, brings out the unique, creative orientations of each artist, enables Each audience to unconsciously acquire different interactive experience, and to generate value association while lingering in the mixed reality environments in the Museum


Fei Jun,

Peter Nelson,

Daniel Shanken, 

Xu Yibo



Janet Fong


Exhibition at the Cloud Art Museum, Guizhou, China

Art Works

Exhibition at the Cloud Art Museum, Guizhou, China

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