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29 Dec 2023 — 3 Mar 2024

In today's world, the rapid development of science and technology is changing the way we live and information-dimensional. We are facing an unbounded reality. Unbounded means the free flow of information and linkage across the boundary between virtual and physical spaces. The connections between people are ubiquitous, while innovation and tradition continue to extend and develop. Art can transcend the boundaries of time, space and culture and become a medium for human emotions and thoughts. In this borderless era, the power of art is being rediscovered and valued.


Through unbounded communication media, art enriches people's aesthetic experience and promotes communication and understanding between different cultures. The development of science and technology provides more possibilities for artistic creation, making art more diverse and rich. The integration of art and technology will bring us a more open, inclusive and innovative future.


Philosopher Chen Guying mentioned in "Zhuangzi's Open Mind and Revaluation of Values--A New Theory of Zhuangzi" "a realm where things and I are one and the same without boundaries." The artists participating in this exhibition use art and technology to create "Xie"-cross-border works, including creating such a realm.

Shen Shamin , Fei Jun, 

Michael Whittle, Judith Dawer,
Paul Shepherd, Picture Rhythm Studios


Exhibition at the HQB Museum, Shenzhen

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