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Right Here Right Now

Curator 策展人

方敏兒 Janet Fong、宋兮 Song Xi、楊欣嘉 Yang Xinjia、江卓姿 Jessica Kong、馮瑞琴 Kathy Fung

Co-organisers 協辦機構

菁英國際年青藝術家支持計劃 SAYA Embrace Project


Date 日期

15.3.2015 - 21.3.2015

Venue 場地

Emergency Lab

Participating Artists 參展藝術家

宋兮 Song Xi、江卓姿 Jessica Kong、 何兆南 South Ho、李俊峰 Lee Chun Fung、李彥錚 Dexter Lee、吳家俊 Ng Ka Chun、陳錦成 Chris Chan、夏芝然 Ha Gee Yin、莫棣 Modi、張嘉莉 Gum Cheng、馮瑞琴 Kathy Fung、曹疏影 Cao Shuying、楊欣嘉 Yang Xinjia、鄭敏怡 Clara Cheung

What do we talk about when we talk about cultural differences between Hong Kong and China? 'Right here right now' is an artist-in-residence and exchange program that runs 167 hours in Hong Kong and is initiated by Hong Kong curator Janet Fong, inviting artists Songxi and Yang Xinjia from Beijing together with cross-disciplinary artists from Hong Kong to share and exchange their experience and perspectives, not solely from personal values to daily life, but also towards a broader scope into the community and society, with the purpose that leads to a greater understanding in the cultural differences that transcends the geographic boundaries.


A series of program including discussions, forums, tours, workshops and other extended activities will take place. Each participated artist will contribute and collaborate with each other of a purpose to foster cross-cultural understanding, as well as to identify and demonstrate aspirations with the cultural differences and similarities between Hong Kong and China.

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