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28 Sept to 17 Dec 2022

Eli Klein Gallery


15 Years of Eli Klein Gallery

Celebrating 15 Years of Artistic Excellence: Eli Klein Gallery's Enduring Impact
The exhibition "1.5" at Eli Klein Gallery stands as a testament to the gallery's remarkable 15-year journey in the realm of contemporary Asian art. Since its establishment in 2007, the gallery has made indelible contributions to the art world, showcasing groundbreaking exhibitions and fostering a platform for emerging and established artists from Asia. The subtitle, "Reflecting on a Transformative Journey," encapsulates the gallery's enduring impact and its role in shaping the narrative of contemporary Asian art. Through a carefully curated selection of artworks, this exhibition commemorates the gallery's achievements, highlighting the transformative power of art and its ability to transcend boundaries.

Diverse Voices in Contemporary Asian Art

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Asian Art: Converging Perspectives at "1.5"
"1.5" presents a captivating showcase of diverse voices and perspectives within contemporary Asian art. Under this subtitle, "Converging Perspectives," the exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists who offer unique insights into culture, identity, and the human experience. Each artist contributes their distinct artistic expression, enriching the tapestry of the exhibition. From Chow Chun Fai's nostalgic reflections to Hu Yingping's playful reinterpretations of classic works, and from Fang Lijun's exploration of "one" and "half" to Li Hongbo's sculptures symbolizing artistic collaboration, the artworks exemplify the depth and breadth of contemporary Asian art and its ability to evoke emotions, challenge norms, and provoke contemplation.

Pushing Boundaries and Engaging Audiences

Pushing Boundaries and Engaging Audiences: Innovations in "1.5"
Under the subtitle "Innovations in Art," the exhibition "1.5" embraces bold and forward-thinking approaches to engage audiences and push the boundaries of artistic expression. Artists like Shen Zhenglin invite viewers to actively participate in the creation of art through interactive paintings, forging new connections between the artwork, the artist, and the audience. Fei Jun's AI-generated digital-image journal blurs the lines between the virtual and the physical, exploring the interplay of subjectivity and objectivity. Alongside these innovative works, Angela Yuen's thought-provoking exploration of societal dynamics and Sun Yuan & Peng Yu's installations that unravel the hidden mechanics of socio-political systems challenge viewers to question and reflect upon the world around them. "1.5" offers an immersive and transformative experience, inviting viewers to engage with art in new and captivating ways.


Chan Yuk Keung, Chow Chun Fai, Fang Lijun, Fei Jun, Hu Yinping, Li Hongbo, Shen Shaomin, Shen Zhenglin, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Angela Yuen


Janet Fong

1.5 Artworks

Exhibition at the Eli Klein Gallery, USA

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